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2006 to2010


2006: A new bigger brewhouse is installed, increasing our capacity by more than 1000%, this also means that all heating in the Brewery is now done using either solar powered or  environmental friendly gas. The building is extended and again fermentation tank capacity is doubled.

2008 The “Gastronomos” magazine  “Kathimerini” newspaper awards us with the prize “for quality and ethos” during a moving ceremony in Athens on 2.6.2008. Beer is also tested by 1000getraenke.de (see    link below)

2009 The new fully automatic filler is delivered, which due to the low Oxygen take up during filling, improves beer quality even further. Bottles are however still closed by hand.

2010 Finally, to a relief for all of us, we get a swing stop bottle closing machine. Our old museum labeling machine is replaced with a new automatic one!  Together with the new labeling machine we also change our label, and the name of the beer to Brink’s, as the authorities start forbidding breweries to use geographical indications in Greek. (see also Brink’s Beer and Rethymnian Beer)

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