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Translated from an article in Kritiki Epitheorisi, a local Rethymnian newsparer, (if the reasoning given by the state to forbid sounds Greek to you, do not worry, it probably is)

Bureaucracy has christened the “Rethymnian” Beer as “Brink’s” Beer.
Forget the well-known beer “Rethymnian”. The way you knew it, at least. It is now called “Brink’s” beer, because: “the new law about breweries is not ready yet, and the old one does not mention anything  about geographical indication for beer”! So, from now on, you will be seeing a long dash on the label, where it used to be the word “Rethymnian” (comment from the translator: in greek), until the new law, allowing the word “rethymnian”, is out.

And here comes the reasonable question: so many years the brewery has been using labels with that specific name; how come, suddenly, this is not possible?

The responsible authorities suggest that according to the greek law, beer is not allowed to be called with a name that has a geographical indication (i.e. rethymnian). The authorities are now working on a new law that will give this permission to breweries, but until then, it is forbidden to use a geographical name for the beer.

The word “rethymnian” does not mean that it is a type of beer, nor there is, by law, any geographical limitation. None of those arguments is enough to persuade the authorities… “where does the name “rethymnian” apply to? The town of Rethymno, Municipality of Rethymno? Prefecture of Rethymno, or to the new district of Rethymno (comment: the organisational structure is being redesigned and counties and their borders might be changed, known as ‘KALIKRATIS-Law))?” We shouldn’t confuse the consumers, now that they finally managed to realize the recent county division for Greece (!!!).

So, the owners of the brewery have re-designed their new labels and have put a long dash where it used to be the name of the beer. They hope that the new law will be soon out and then they will put back the word “rethymnian”.
Despite all this bureaucratic mess, the beer is still made in Rethymno, still has that well-known brilliant taste, blonde or dark, to satisfy every demand. It comes from organic agricultural farming, certified by “DIO”. Both types are non-filtered and non-pasterised and have 4,8% alcohol. It is brewed according to the german purity law of 1516 and the ingredients are water, barley malt, hops and yeast, all from organic farming.

Deep in everybody’s heart, the bureaucracy doesn’t matter: it will always be the “rethymnian”, the beer that its reputation has exceeded the limits of Rethymno and Crete, and has its funs all over the country.