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In artisan tradition we produce Brink’s beer in our Brewery near Rethymno on Crete. After processing the malt in our malt mill, the malt is then mixed with water and heated to different temperatures in the mash kettle.

The mash is heated gradually from 47 C to 78 C  so that proteins can be solved and the starch of the malt can be transferred into sugars. When all starch has been changed into sugars, the mash is transferred into the  lauter tun where the liquid (wort)  is separated from the solid parts of the malt, [those parts are later used as animal food by local farmers], while the clear wort is boiled for 90 minutes in the brew kettle together with hops. 

After cooling down to a suitable temperature the wort is pumped to the fermentation tanks and mixed with yeast. The yeast’s main task is to change the sugars from the malt into C02 and alcohol. The main fermentation takes about 1 week and is followed by the maturation phase. During maturation at low temperatures and under pressure, the beer enriches itself with CO2 and develops its rich taste and characteristics. When maturation is over  and the beer meets our high quality standards, the beer is filled into bottles.

Brink’s fresh and naturally cloudy beer is brewed according to the German purity law of 1516, it is not pasteurized and non-filtered. That’s why the beer has its full rich taste.

As we give the Beer all the time it needs to mature at low temperatures we can anyhow promise a shelf life of at least 4 months, when stored in a fridge.


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